Founded by THE COLLECTIONS™ in 2010, DIScONNECT™ FASHION FILM FESTIVAL (DFFF), Canada’s first fashion film festival, continues to curate and feature the works of contemporary filmmakers with a focus on fashion. A ‘thinking’ platform for artists, each season filmmakers use technical film and cinematography mechanics to visually explore a given theme in 1-3 mins short films. Themes address shifting paradigms and societal conventions that directly influence the World of Fashion — identifying the disconnect between promoted, popular, ideas and the reality of what is.


Past Themes:

DFFF no.1: DIScONNECT – Introducing Toronto’s first fashion film festival, asking established fashion photographer to explore the medium of film

DFFF no.2: Musings of Surrealist – Opportunity for filmmakers to explore current trends without the confines of the traditional forms of interpreting fashion

DFFF no.3  Conflict Casualties – Dissecting the masses, exploring the elements that make someone influential verses someone who follows

DFFF no.4 Gender Fantasia – Deconstruction of the societal connotation attached to being “masculine” and “feminine”

DFFF no.5  Club Cult – Celebrating being the odd one out

DFFF no.6 #RWND – Rewinding to the beginning

DFFF no.7 Electric Era